How to Engage Power in 2017

Participants Guidelines

  1. The purpose is to address long term issues and policies. Issues of the day require direct, immediate action such as demonstrations and phone calls. The intention is to act as a Progressive lobby by and for the people.
  2. Be polite in tone, threats to withhold your vote will be edited out or not published at all.
  3. Your post must be about Progressive issues. This is loosely defined but strictly enforced.
    Progressive = Morality + Democratic Socialism + Peace      ->  Progressive Policy Defined
  4. Discussions about this project will be public and take place on Facebook at EngagePower2017.
  5. Always initiate communication by snail mail to a local office.
  6. Email a text copy of your snail mail to
  7. Follow up with a phone call to their office.
    – Always identify yourself and where you live.
    – If you speak to someone get their name.
    – If they have already responded, let them know whether or not you liked the response.
    – If they have not responded, ask that a written response be sent to you.
  8. Send an email copy of all written communications to
    –  Be sure to use the same email subject as your initial email.  THANKS!!
    – A short summary of any phone calls in an email would also be helpful.