Senator Ed Markey
975 JFK Federal Building
15 New Sudbury Street
Boston, MA 02203

Sen. Markey,

Thank you for years of choosing to be on the Progressive side of numerous issues. We are presently facing a crises in our Health Care system with the potential repeal of the ACA and while we know that a Single Payer Medicare for all plan nationwide is the optimal solution, the Republican repeal initiative may possibly not take place especially if proponents of the ACA and establishing the groundwork for the transition to a Medicare for All single payer health care system take the lead by proposing improvements to the ACA. With Republicans struggling on how to repeal and replace these proposals will provide a counter point with positive actions that Progressives can solve problems.

Among the corrections that can be proposed are a limit on an ACA policy’s deductibles, allowing drugs to be imported from a select list of nations that have equivalent standards as the US, and including dental and vision on all plans. Offsetting these costs a tax penalty of 1.5 times each state’s cheapest ACA plan will force more people to purchase insurance rather than pay the penalty. Any taxes collected should be split proportionately among all the insurers’ further reducing the rise in costs for everyone. It may also address runaway cost concerns by having a cap on how much a company can raise rates per year and over a 5 year period, adjusted for inflation.

Last of all, allow any state that decides to provide Medicaid or even Medicare for all single payer, to co-ordinate and combine their plans to further reduce premiums on individuals and businesses.

Please let me know if you believe an offense of preserving and improving the ACA, while still endorsing a long term Single Payer system would be a stronger national Progressive position than simply playing defense.

Thank you,

Brad Sandler

Author: bradfromsalem

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