About – Engage Power 2017

Mission Statement

The United States is at a Constitutional crossroad. After 230 years America is setting upon making revolutionary changes in the founding principles of its Constitution. The present administration has already begun presenting their reinterpretation of the document. But the Republican view as interpreted by Mr. Trump cannot be allowed to become the new standard for the next 230 years. Instead, we can and must resurrect the founding principles that were based on 18th Century Liberal ideals and renew them based on 21st Century Progressive Liberal standards. We are challenging the political status quo of our time as the founders did 230 years ago, when they faced an existential crises imposed by the Conservative and divisive Articles of Confederation.

How Engage Power 2017 Works

Participants in Engage Power 2017 communicate by snail mail and direct phone calls to their own elected Representative in Congress and both US Senators.  Your letters to Congress will appear as a post on this website https://EngagePower2017.com  Of course all letters will be subject to selection for posting by the web page administrator.

Writers are encouraged to make your letters your own, but when you do copy please try to do some light editing to let Congress know that this is NOT a one size fits all lobby. Think of it as an Occupy style participation action without leaders but with individual ideas and solutions.

Read the How to Engage Power in 2017 page for the details.

If you are not ready to participate as a writer, then please consider following this website and liking us on Facebook.

Thanks for your participation, whatever form it takes!